Amma Life® 4% CBD Oil 10ml (400mg of CBD)

Amma Life® 4% CBD Oil 10ml (400mg of CBD)


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Amma Life® 4% CBD Oil 10ml (400mg of CBD)

Also available in bottle sizes 30ml and 50 ml

NEW IMPROVED FORMULA for a smoother, MORE PURIFIED finish. Thinner liquid allows for better absorption and easier to squeeze out.

  • Each bottle of Amma Life Oil is laboratory tested to contain 4% strength of CBD and the naturally occurring full spectrum of terpenes.
  • Made from the finest sativa hemp flowers
  • CBD Oil extracted safely by using the natural olive oil extraction method to ensure that every 10ml bottle contains 400mg of CBD and approximately 100 drops of CBD.

This high quality, cannabidiol hemp has been grown organically in the EU without the use of pesticides. This is a food supplement.

The CBD oil is golden in colour due to its unique extraction and purification process that removes waxes, excess fats and contaminants to increase the effectiveness of the oil.

How to take it: Put a few drops of the oil directly under your tongue and hold for a few seconds. Repeat 1-3 times per day.


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